About us From the headmistress's Desk

"True success is to labour ". As I recall all the events gone by in the academic years from the inception of the institution, I remember the day when I entered the portals of the Assembly Of God Church School, Asansol as an Assisstant Headmistress. The warm, welcoming atmosphere, genuine smiles and the cheerfulness of teachers and encouraging words of Mrs. Malvea were enough to convince me that this is a happy and congenial place to be in. It acted as a stimulus for me and helped my nervous soul to relax.

The Assembly of God Church School, Asansol is a place where students have oppurtunities galore. Oppurnities for the girls to develop into responsible human beings. The foremost and important feature in our curriculum is "academics" in which every effort is made to bring out the best in each and every student irrespective of her standard of intelligence.

We have continued to maintain a high standard in the co-curricular activities such as 'What's The Good Word', Hindi,English and Bengali elocution, Sit and Draw competition etc. Having witnessed, been a part of and at times orchestrated the events, which may have its own dynamics, what we see as emerging is a wonder of the 'New'.

Building in existing structures sometimes means substracting too. I believe that no system can remain static. If we fear to rock the boat then we can remain forever in dry dock.Learning to accept our students, for whom they are and not how they perform while sending out a clear signal on the behavioral front, always requires patience. This has begun to pay off in terms of a more stable and healthy school environment.

Our teachers have been both flexible and supportive. They are the backbone of the Assembly of God Church School, Asansol. They have been largely responsible for implementing changes. Without the hard work of our helper staff, it is impossible to let the wheel roll.

The Members on the Board of Management have always been encouraging and have always supported us. With such a supporting Governing Body, one has the confidence to go ahead and always give off one's best, even way beyond the call of duty!!

I thank the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for the stamina, strength, good health, ability and constant guidance in helping us to successfully fulfil our responsibilities to the School and the Society in general.I pray and look forward to greater heights of achievment from the A.G.ites as we celebrate our school's Golden Jubilee.In conclusion I would like to command the hard work put in by our Founder- late Rev.W.G.Long and Mrs.Long, and thank God for their vision and mission for this part of God's vineyard.

In the words of Robert schuller
"Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive."

"For it is Jubilee and is to be holy"-Lev.25:12a.
The love and grace of God shall lead us on and By Labour and Honour, we the A.G.ites will realise every goal and dream, in the days to come............